DUMET 2011 question paper

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DUMET was held on 22nd may 2011.

1. The most important factor which determined the increase
in human population in India during the 20th century:
(1) Natality (2) Mortality
(3) Immigration (4) Emigration
Ans. (1)

2. Vascular bundles in monocotyledons are considered
closed because:
(1) Xylem is surrounded all around by phloem
(2) There are no vessels with perforations
(3) A bundle sheath surrounds each bundle
(4) There is no secondary growth
Ans. (4)

3. When there are two haploid nuclei per cell in some fungi
before the formation of diploid, this stage is called:
(1) Diplotene (2) Diplophase
(3) Dikaryophase (4) Dikaryote
Ans. (3)

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