DIETCET 2011 Solved Question Paper

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DIETCET 2011 Solved Paper

11. Dogs have a very good sense ….. smell
Choose the appropriate prepo-sition to complete the sentence
1) off 2) for 3) of 4) in

12. When I switched on the TV, the programme…. I was just in time.
Choose the appropriate ve-rb form to complete the sentence
1) Started 2) would start
3) had started 4) might start

13. Let’s sit in the garden, ………?
Choose appropriate question tag
1) should we 2) do we
3) shall we 4) shall I

14. Jagan was bitterly ….. the result of the match. 
Choose the appropriate answer to complete the sentence
1) disappointed of
2) disappointed to
3) disappointed for
4) disappointed at

15. We thought Anand to be a dete-ctive
The passive form of the above sentence is ….
1) Anand is thought a detective by us.
2) Anand was thought to be a detective
3) A detective was thought Anand
4) Anand was thought that of a detective

DIETCET 2011 Solved Paper

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